Rotation – ways of selecting employees and recruitment system

Rotation – ways of selecting employees and recruitment system


By PartWork Administrator 22-02-2021

Companies often struggle with unwanted employee rotation, their departure is often associated with high costs for employers. What exactly is it, why does it appear, what effects does it have and how to minimize it? There are several ways to encourage employees to stay in the company.

What is rotation?

Employee rotation is nothing more than the departure of people employed at a certain time. The reasons for leaving are different, but we divide them into voluntary or involuntary. In the case of dissatisfaction of the employer with the work performed by the employee, an involuntary departure occurs, while in the case of voluntary departure, the decision is made by the employee.

The rotation of employees often adversely affects the company, it is associated with high costs incurred by the employer. Sometimes it happens that hiring a new employee is several times more expensive than maintaining the old one.

How to select employees?

The employer, when choosing the right employee, should evaluate which candidates he expects for a given position. In addition to qualifications or skills, character traits are also important, which often indicate what kind of person we are dealing with. An important issue is to prepare a list that we will have with us during the interview, thanks to it we will not miss any important questions that we want to ask our potential employee. Proper preparation testifies to our professionalism and better affects the future employee. Let’s ask about everything that can help us make a decision, show a high personal culture, and after each conversation, make notes so that we do not miss any information in the subsequent analysis of several candidates.

How to avoid employee turnover?

Statistically, greater rotation occurs among the younger generation, who are not afraid of change. The most common reasons for employee rotation are:

• perform repetitive actions

• bad atmosphere at work

• overtime

•no challenges

• No flexible working hours

• better wages in competitive companies

In order to avoid staff turnover, which unfortunately happens very often these days, it is necessary, first of all, to hire the right people for the right position. It is not always only qualifications or skills that matter, it is worth choosing a candidate who inspires our confidence. It is important to properly implement a new employee and give him training. If we do not provide adequate preparation for a new employee, this may become a reason for early resignation from work.

A very important aspect is good communication between employees, it is worth giving them good feedback, informing them what they are doing wrong and what is right. It is worth appreciating the efforts of employees and giving them a sense of trust, so that they know that they can talk to the supervisor at any time. Employers should ensure that employees receive regular training and appreciate their work.


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