Problems with the employment of foreigners

Problems with the employment of foreigners


By PartWork Administrator 22-02-2021

Example difficulties

The employment of foreigners is highly beneficial for Polish companies and employers, because people who decide to work in our country are often determined and much more productive. The very desire to work in another country should be significant for the employer. Most often, this step is decided by people who can not cope with finding a job in their home country, and therefore they are much more motivated and do everything to stay in the new country for as long as possible.

However, the employment of foreigners can involve problems that are often not easy to solve. In this part of the article we will focus on their examples, and in the next we will give you examples of solutions.

The main problem that immediately comes to mind about foreign workers is the language barrier. There are professions in which it is not necessary to have a great knowledge of the language, but it also happens that it is key in a particular position.

Another aspect that is extremely important for employers is obtaining all work permits. However, the number of documents allowing foreigners to work is constantly growing, which is the result of a huge deficit of Polish candidates. Many experts boldly claim that the rescue for many Polish companies is precisely the employment of foreigners.

Another problem that may arise is closely related to the current situation in the world. People arriving directly from abroad are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine. This can be a major obstacle for employers who urgently need new employees.

The problems mentioned above are, of course, examples of what employers may encounter when deciding to hire foreigners. Throughout the employment process, new problems may arise that are not as obvious and popular as those mentioned above.

Example solutions

If you are interested in how to deal with these problems, we encourage you to read this part of the article, in which we will give examples of ways to avoid undesirable difficulties.

In order to avoid language barriers, we recommend that you provide information about the need for fluent knowledge of the language in a particular position. This will reduce the number of candidates and save you the necessary time you would have to spend reviewing applications. There is also the possibility of using the services of our company, which offers the rental of employees. Each of our candidates will meet the conditions set by you, which will allow for quick employment.

As for the documentation, you are not able to skip it in any way. Valid permits are a must when hiring foreigners. However, you may reconsider using our services. Thanks to cooperation with us, you do not have to worry about it, it is up to us to complete the documentation and obtain permits.

The last problem we mentioned is the most difficult to solve, because the existing restrictions are constantly changing. At this point, you may require a potential candidate to take a virus test before leaving. If it turns out to be negative, there will be no need to quarantine it.

We hope that the solutions provided by US will be useful for you and will facilitate the recruitment processes of foreigners.


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