You’re an investor. You’re starting a new company. Find out what you will gain by working with an Employment Agency.

You’re an investor. You’re starting a new company. Find out what you will gain by working with an Employment Agency.


By PartWork Administrator 31-03-2021

It is usually considered that the services of an Employment Agency are worth using when we want to hire new employees. However, this is a misconception, because employment agencies have much more to offer. Even when the entrepreneur is just planning his new business.

So, what can the employees of the Employment Agency help you with at the start-up stage?

You will learn the mechanisms of the local market and the specifics of the region.

Supply and demand mechanisms work in the same way everywhere, but depending on the territorial extent of the market, each enterprise should adjust its actions to its specifics. Employees of the Employment Agency from the region you are interested in will help you to know the mechanisms governing it. You will learn, for example, how candidates look at commuting to work or changing jobs. If the local market has a significant number of production facilities, which are additionally characterized by seasonal work, there is a movement of workers between enterprises. The Employment Agency has a database of candidates and can support your company in managing employees.

The crew hired through the agency, after the production peak, can be transferred to another company, where this peak is just beginning. At the time of volatility of orders, you can therefore support yourself with the services of an agency. In addition, you can select employees who stand out for their exceptional commitment and quality of work and establish permanent cooperation with them.

Find out what the salary benchmarks are.

The employment agency cooperates with various partners and operates in a multi-track manner. He has knowledge that can be very useful to you. Having valuable information is a resource (supporting the development of the company), thanks to which you will gain an advantage over market competitors. By cooperating with the agency, you will get, for example, data on the number of companies with a similar profile, or salary benchmarks. An employment agency can also help you analyse your offer in the context of local market realities. You will learn what is important for candidates and what they are guided by when choosing a job offer. And knowledge of this topic, already at the very beginning of the activity, will allow you to get an opinion of an attractive employer.

You will gain access to staff

The Employment Agency has a wide base of candidates, motivated to work . They use the best recruitment methods. From traditional to state-of-the-art solutions. This will provide you with the best employees quickly. This will reduce recruitment costs. In addition, the agency can not only evaluate the competencies of candidates, but also develop them. You will also get the opportunity to exchange an employee in a situation where it does not meet your expectations.

You will give yourself flexibility

When you start your business and plan production processes, an additional, no small challenge will be to simultaneously build organizational structures. A good and helpful solution may be to entrust selected business processes to employment agencies as part of outsourcing. In addition, depending on, for example, the seasonal demand for personnel, you will provide yourself with the right number of employees, adapted to your current needs.  

Every entrepreneur who rationally calculates and plans the development of the company should consider cooperation with an Employment Agency.
Thanks to this, it will achieve many benefits at every stage of the company’s development.


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