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PartWork Group Statement

In connection with the Russian aggression against an independent Ukraine, as a PartWork team, we express our deepest disapproval and condemnation of these criminal actions. We follow reports from the territory of Ukraine with horror.

Turning those words into action, we are directing our resources this morning to help workers and their families in Ukraine. Previously organized forms of support are:
advance payments and advances for each employee
about free legalization and legal services for citizens of Ukraine
o Organization of accommodation
about telephone advice

We encourage our business partners and co-workers to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people by joining these activities.

On behalf of our employees and their families, we would like to express our deep gratitude to our business partners for their help and empathy in this situation. In recent years, more than a million Ukrainian citizens have supported Poland’s economic development, so today mutual support is something natural for us. Freedom is a fundamental human right. We’re with you!


У зв’язку з російською агресією проти незалежної України, ми як команда PartWork, висловлюємо абсолютне несхвалення та засуджуємо злочину діяльності агресора. З жахом слідкуємо за репортажами з території України.

Як переклад цих слів у дію, сьогодні, з самого ранку, ми спрямовуємо наші ресурси на допомогу працівникам та їхнім родинам в Україні. Наразі організовані форми підтримки включають:
 o Передвчасна виплата заробітної плати та аванси для кожного працівника
o Безкоштовна легалізація та юридичні послуги для громадян України
o Організація проживання
o Телефонна консультація

Ми заохочуємо наших ділових партнерів та співпрацівників виявляти солідарність з українським народом долучаючись до цих заходів.

Від імені співробітників та їхніх сімей ми висловлюємо глибоку подяку нашим діловим партнерам, які надають допомогу та виявляють співчуття в цій ситуації. За останні роки понад мільйон громадян України підтримали економічний розвиток Польщі, тому сьогодні взаємна підтримка для нас є чимось природним. Свобода є основним правом людини. Ми з Вами!

You’re an investor. You’re starting a new company. Find out what you will gain by working with an Employment Agency.

It is usually considered that the services of an Employment Agency are worth using when we want to hire new employees. However, this is a misconception, because employment agencies have much more to offer. Even when the entrepreneur is just planning his new business.

So, what can the employees of the Employment Agency help you with at the start-up stage?

You will learn the mechanisms of the local market and the specifics of the region.

Supply and demand mechanisms work in the same way everywhere, but depending on the territorial extent of the market, each enterprise should adjust its actions to its specifics. Employees of the Employment Agency from the region you are interested in will help you to know the mechanisms governing it. You will learn, for example, how candidates look at commuting to work or changing jobs. If the local market has a significant number of production facilities, which are additionally characterized by seasonal work, there is a movement of workers between enterprises. The Employment Agency has a database of candidates and can support your company in managing employees.

The crew hired through the agency, after the production peak, can be transferred to another company, where this peak is just beginning. At the time of volatility of orders, you can therefore support yourself with the services of an agency. In addition, you can select employees who stand out for their exceptional commitment and quality of work and establish permanent cooperation with them.

Find out what the salary benchmarks are.

The employment agency cooperates with various partners and operates in a multi-track manner. He has knowledge that can be very useful to you. Having valuable information is a resource (supporting the development of the company), thanks to which you will gain an advantage over market competitors. By cooperating with the agency, you will get, for example, data on the number of companies with a similar profile, or salary benchmarks. An employment agency can also help you analyse your offer in the context of local market realities. You will learn what is important for candidates and what they are guided by when choosing a job offer. And knowledge of this topic, already at the very beginning of the activity, will allow you to get an opinion of an attractive employer.

You will gain access to staff

The Employment Agency has a wide base of candidates, motivated to work . They use the best recruitment methods. From traditional to state-of-the-art solutions. This will provide you with the best employees quickly. This will reduce recruitment costs. In addition, the agency can not only evaluate the competencies of candidates, but also develop them. You will also get the opportunity to exchange an employee in a situation where it does not meet your expectations.

You will give yourself flexibility

When you start your business and plan production processes, an additional, no small challenge will be to simultaneously build organizational structures. A good and helpful solution may be to entrust selected business processes to employment agencies as part of outsourcing. In addition, depending on, for example, the seasonal demand for personnel, you will provide yourself with the right number of employees, adapted to your current needs.  

Every entrepreneur who rationally calculates and plans the development of the company should consider cooperation with an Employment Agency.
Thanks to this, it will achieve many benefits at every stage of the company’s development.

How to improve crew morale and increase productivity?

When morale among employees falls, it is inevitable that in the near future there will also be a decrease in their productivity or an increase in rotation.
And this, in turn, will translate, sooner or later, into smaller financial profits for the company.
To prevent this, you should carefully monitor the syndrome and pay attention to such signals as:

So what can we do to boost morale among employees?

The first step is to find the cause of this state of affairs.
Team leaders can help you with this. Arrange a meeting with them and listen to their observations. It is important that managers set a positive example for their employees. By taking care of employee morale, they contribute to faster tasks and optimize the company’s revenues.

It is also a good idea to conduct an anonymous survey of employees. This will give you reliable information about those areas that need repair.
Also, provide employees with the opportunity to express opinions on topics related to the company. You will receive important information and relevant comments, and the employee will feel appreciated and taken seriously. He will feel that he is an integral part of the organization.

Employees are more involved in tasks if they feel that their superiors listen to their opinions and take them into account when making decisions. The real impact on a company’s operations is building a sense of identification.

Once you have diagnosed the cause, enter a remedial program.

It must, of course, be appropriate to the problems that arise.
Most often, such actions as:

Employee Morale in a team is closely linked to a sense of being appreciated. Employees need confirmation that they are doing their job well. Internal competitions work well, and the satisfaction associated with winning is an important motivating factor. It is worth building a cost-free or low-cost system of thanks and appreciation in the company. It can be praise from superiors or small rewards.

Job satisfaction leads to greater efficiency. And this, in turn, translates into better results for the company.

Use the help of personal counseling.

If you do not have the time or you prefer to deal with the strategic tasks of the company, establish cooperation with an external partner. You will get professional help in diagnosing and solving the problem.

Specialists from the outsourcing company will develop a strategy for managing the crew or supply the company with employees appropriately matched to your organization.

How to choose a vacancy according to your needs and skills?

Selection of an employee for a job

Before deciding to fill a vacancy with a specific employee, it is necessary to carefully analyze the needs and skills that are required for a particular job. It is also important to examine the approach and attitude of the recruited candidate. Not only skills and practical experience in a similar position are necessary, but also a willingness to work and conscientiousness. In addition, the culture and strategy of the company should also be guided.


It happens that the search for the ideal employee stands still for months, because no one meets the requirements set by the employer. By outsourcing recruitment to a company, it becomes faster, runs much more efficiently and without potential problems related to bureaucracy.

By carefully selecting and interviewing each of the candidates, the client has the opportunity to hire an employee willing to undertake a longer Cooperation, who has acquired new skills and is ready for further development.

Third-party recruitment companies typically vet employees as quickly as possible, while accurately matching them in terms of qualifications, experience, and organizational strategy to a given vacancy. The most important thing is that the employee, in addition to appropriate professional experience, also shows a desire to further develop and improve their existing qualifications. That is why detailed interviews are conducted, on the basis of which the candidate for a given position is accurately assessed.

The ideal employee

The qualities that companies expect from an ideal employee are many – you can distinguish, among other things, responsibility, conscientiousness, commitment, loyalty or the desire for longer cooperation. It is also extremely important to have the appropriate experience and practical skills gained in working in a similar position. However, the definition of an ideal employee varies from company to company – it is by no means a uniform concept, although it contains a set of common features. It also differs due to the specific position to be filled – when selecting employees, special attention is paid to the nature of the work, so as to find the right people for a given position.

To find the perfect employee for a given vacancy, you usually need a very long recruitment and skills testing procedure. That is why it is worth using the services of competent agencies, which, thanks to many years of experience and qualified personnel, stand out on the market for their high efficiency in recruiting employees and formal service.

Deciding to use the services of a professional agency for recruiting employees, you should familiarize yourself with their strategy of action, as well as opinions about their services. A good recruitment agency should carefully check each candidate against the individual requirements of the company and verify their attitude towards developing their skills and further training in order to obtain additional qualifications.

Employment from A to Z

Hiring foreigners is becoming more and more popular in Poland. However, entrepreneurs who decide on such a solution should keep in mind all the formalities that must be completed so that the work of a foreigner is based on fully legal conditions.

Mandatory documentation necessary for the legal employment of a foreigner

At the very beginning of the process of hiring a foreigner, it is necessary to verify whether he / she has the appropriate document entitling him / her to take up legal work. However, the employer should remember that not every residence permit allows you to work – it will be impossible to hire a person who came to the country for tourist purposes, has temporary protection or a residence permit for humanitarian reasons. In order to work legally, a foreigner, in addition to documentation on the topic of legal residence, should have one of the certificates, which include:

• work permit – the employer applies for it, it is described below;

• seasonal work permit-requested by the employer;
• statement on entrusting the work performed to a resident-the employer sends it to the district labor office and can do this only for citizens of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia , Moldova, Russia and Ukraine;

• temporary residence and work permit – a foreigner applies for them to the provincial office.

When a foreigner presents a visa, residence card or biometric passport, the employer should make a copy and keep the document for the entire period of employment of the foreigner. Then it will be necessary to apply for an employment permit for a foreigner to the appropriate Voivode. To obtain such permission, it is necessary to draw up an agreement in which it will be confirmed that the salary for a foreigner will not be lower than for employees in a similar position.
If the employer fulfills this condition, he will obtain a permit to employ a foreigner for a period not exceeding 3 years. It is also important that the concluded contract should be translated into the language used by the future employee. It should be fully understandable to both parties and contain the exact terms of cooperation.

Working conditions

It is important that an employer employing a foreigner must comply with the same legal provisions as in the case of employing a Polish citizen. The employer is obliged to report a new employee to the Social Insurance Institution and thus pay monthly contributions for him. In turn, as for the minimum wage in the case of an employment contract, it cannot be less than PLN 2800 gross, while in the case of an order contract, the minimum rate is PLN 18.30 gross per hour.

Hiring employees

What is employee hiring?

Along with the workload, there is a need for new employees in the company who could start working right away. The process of hiring new people always involves long recruitment stages, and after the adoption of a new person, this time is extended by the necessary training and implementation of a new employee. So what do we do if we need new people urgently and we can’t afford to waste time?

In response to this question, the company PartWork was created, which is engaged in leasing employees. We are engaged in finding and hiring suitable people from abroad who have the necessary qualifications to perform the tasks commissioned by you. Hiring employees provides flexibility in terms of employment levels and current demand. There is a possibility of hiring both seasonal and long-term employees.

Our experience enables us to provide comprehensive employment services. Every day we recruit many employees, thanks to which we offer a wide base of candidates who are ready to start working right away. The process of recruiting employees is short and complies with the norms of the law.

The strength of every company is people, so we make every effort to ensure that our benefits are maintained at the highest level. We provide various types of research and, if necessary, provide training, so that our clients do not have to worry about anything and can quickly outsource the work to our candidates.

Our task is to deal with all matters related to the legalization of work of foreigners and the control of documentation. In addition, we are responsible for the human resources and accounting side related to employees, contracts, forms and taxes.

We believe that hiring employees will allow you to perform your work on time, relieve you of recruitment processes and will not bring additional documentation.


PartWork is focused on continuous development, which is why we also provide a service in which our customers order us to carry out a given production process, and we assign employees to the workplace or production. This is extremely beneficial for companies that produce car parts or food packaging.

W takim przypadku nie musisz się również martwić o pozwolenia, dokumentację czy szkolenie. Wybierzemy idealnych kandydatów, którzy mają odpowiednie doświadczenie w tej dziedzinie.
W praktyce proces ten działa na bardzo podobnych zasadach. Różni się tylko formalnością.

We ensure that using our services you get access to an extensive customer base and can control the documentation of the employee at every stage.

Rotation – ways of selecting employees and recruitment system

Companies often struggle with unwanted employee rotation, their departure is often associated with high costs for employers. What exactly is it, why does it appear, what effects does it have and how to minimize it? There are several ways to encourage employees to stay in the company.

What is rotation?

Employee rotation is nothing more than the departure of people employed at a certain time. The reasons for leaving are different, but we divide them into voluntary or involuntary. In the case of dissatisfaction of the employer with the work performed by the employee, an involuntary departure occurs, while in the case of voluntary departure, the decision is made by the employee.

The rotation of employees often adversely affects the company, it is associated with high costs incurred by the employer. Sometimes it happens that hiring a new employee is several times more expensive than maintaining the old one.

How to select employees?

The employer, when choosing the right employee, should evaluate which candidates he expects for a given position. In addition to qualifications or skills, character traits are also important, which often indicate what kind of person we are dealing with. An important issue is to prepare a list that we will have with us during the interview, thanks to it we will not miss any important questions that we want to ask our potential employee. Proper preparation testifies to our professionalism and better affects the future employee. Let’s ask about everything that can help us make a decision, show a high personal culture, and after each conversation, make notes so that we do not miss any information in the subsequent analysis of several candidates.

How to avoid employee turnover?

Statistically, greater rotation occurs among the younger generation, who are not afraid of change. The most common reasons for employee rotation are:

• perform repetitive actions

• bad atmosphere at work

• overtime

•no challenges

• No flexible working hours

• better wages in competitive companies

In order to avoid staff turnover, which unfortunately happens very often these days, it is necessary, first of all, to hire the right people for the right position. It is not always only qualifications or skills that matter, it is worth choosing a candidate who inspires our confidence. It is important to properly implement a new employee and give him training. If we do not provide adequate preparation for a new employee, this may become a reason for early resignation from work.

A very important aspect is good communication between employees, it is worth giving them good feedback, informing them what they are doing wrong and what is right. It is worth appreciating the efforts of employees and giving them a sense of trust, so that they know that they can talk to the supervisor at any time. Employers should ensure that employees receive regular training and appreciate their work.

Problems with the employment of foreigners

Example difficulties

The employment of foreigners is highly beneficial for Polish companies and employers, because people who decide to work in our country are often determined and much more productive. The very desire to work in another country should be significant for the employer. Most often, this step is decided by people who can not cope with finding a job in their home country, and therefore they are much more motivated and do everything to stay in the new country for as long as possible.

However, the employment of foreigners can involve problems that are often not easy to solve. In this part of the article we will focus on their examples, and in the next we will give you examples of solutions.

The main problem that immediately comes to mind about foreign workers is the language barrier. There are professions in which it is not necessary to have a great knowledge of the language, but it also happens that it is key in a particular position.

Another aspect that is extremely important for employers is obtaining all work permits. However, the number of documents allowing foreigners to work is constantly growing, which is the result of a huge deficit of Polish candidates. Many experts boldly claim that the rescue for many Polish companies is precisely the employment of foreigners.

Another problem that may arise is closely related to the current situation in the world. People arriving directly from abroad are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine. This can be a major obstacle for employers who urgently need new employees.

The problems mentioned above are, of course, examples of what employers may encounter when deciding to hire foreigners. Throughout the employment process, new problems may arise that are not as obvious and popular as those mentioned above.

Example solutions

If you are interested in how to deal with these problems, we encourage you to read this part of the article, in which we will give examples of ways to avoid undesirable difficulties.

In order to avoid language barriers, we recommend that you provide information about the need for fluent knowledge of the language in a particular position. This will reduce the number of candidates and save you the necessary time you would have to spend reviewing applications. There is also the possibility of using the services of our company, which offers the rental of employees. Each of our candidates will meet the conditions set by you, which will allow for quick employment.

As for the documentation, you are not able to skip it in any way. Valid permits are a must when hiring foreigners. However, you may reconsider using our services. Thanks to cooperation with us, you do not have to worry about it, it is up to us to complete the documentation and obtain permits.

The last problem we mentioned is the most difficult to solve, because the existing restrictions are constantly changing. At this point, you may require a potential candidate to take a virus test before leaving. If it turns out to be negative, there will be no need to quarantine it.

We hope that the solutions provided by US will be useful for you and will facilitate the recruitment processes of foreigners.

Praca zdalna czy biurowa?

Praca zdalna

W dobie pandemii wiele firm zostało zmuszonych na zmienienie formy pracy na tryb zdalny. Dynamicznie rozwijająca się technologia w znacznym stopniu ułatwia nam to, ponieważ powstają nowe narzędzia umożliwiające komunikację między pracownikami, a istniejące programy prężnie się poprawiają i wprowadzają nowe możliwości, które przyczyniają się do polepszenia warunków pracy i zapewniają utrzymanie, a nawet poprawienie wyników. Taka sytuacja ma zarówno swoich zwolenników, jak i przeciwników. W tym artykule chcemy się skupić na zaletach i wadach pracy poza siedzibą firmy oraz w niej.

Zacznijmy od korzyści, jakie niesie praca w domu dla pracowników. Dużo osób twierdzi, że dzięki temu są bardziej wydajni, ponieważ nie muszą tracić czasu i energii na wyszykowanie się i dojazd do biura, siadają bezpośrednio przed komputerem ze świeżą głową i mają o wiele lepsze pomysły.
Istnieje również możliwość wyższego wynagrodzenia. Dzięki temu, że pracodawca oszczędza na organizacji miejsca pracy i niezbędnym sprzęcie dla pracownika, może przeznaczyć środki na jego pensję.

Dla pracodawcy taka organizacja może mieć znaczenie w procesie rekrutacyjnym. Praca zdalna umożliwia zatrudnienie pracownika niezależnie od tego w jakiej odległości od firmy mieszka. Pozwala to pozyskać wielu specjalistów, którzy nie zgłosiliby się gdyby musieli dojeżdżać do siedziby biura. Współpraca ze specjalistami często wiąże się z nowymi pomysłami, które mogą znacznie podnieść wyniki firmy i wprowadzą nowe pomysły, które pozwolą na rozwój działalności.

Jednak praca zdalna wymaga od pracowników wysokiej samodyscypliny. Muszą oni samodzielnie ustalać sobie grafik i pilnować terminów. W domu pojawia się wiele rozpraszaczy, które mogą negatywnie wpływać na wydajność pracownika i w znacznym stopniu wydłużać czas poświęcony na określone zadania. 
Praca zdalna nie daje również możliwości fizycznego kontaktu z innymi pracownikami, przez co, nowe osoby nie są w stanie szybko wdrożyć się w prace. Szansa na poznanie niezawodnych technik innych osób często przyczyniała się do uzyskania lepszych efektów już na początku kariery.

Oczywiście uzyskiwane wyniki i efektywność pracy zależy indywidualnie od nastawienia każdego z pracowników.

Praca biurowa

Wiele osób zastanawia się czy sytuacja na świecie ulegnie poprawie i będzie możliwość wrócenia do pierwotnego trybu pracy. Dla niektórych jest to wyczekiwany moment, a dla drugich przykra konieczność. Zastanówmy się jakie zalety i wady niesie powrót do biura?
Najważniejszą z zalet jest fakt, że komunikacja odbywa się w dużo łatwiejszy sposób. Wystarczy odejść od biurka i zwrócić się do konkretnej osoby o pomoc. Podczas pracy zdalnej często nie wiemy do kogo się zwrócić, a niemożność zobaczenia problemu wydłuża czas jego rozwiązania.

Praca w siedzibie umożliwia na bezpośredni kontakt z innymi. Dla wielu osób jest to niezbędne do prawidłowego funkcjonowania i uzyskiwania wyników. Mamy również szansę na pracę w grupach, która zdecydowanie lepiej prosperuje jeśli możemy spotkać się osobiście z innymi pracownikami.

Należy również podkreślić, że pracując w biurze mamy wgląd we wszystkie sprawy, które są bieżącym tematem naszych współpracowników. Ponadto możemy obserwować ich efekty, co daje nam motywacje na poprawienie swoich działań aby im dorównać.
Jeśli chodzi o minusy, to głównym z nich jest fakt, że w biurze notorycznie ktoś prowadzi rozmowy, co może  dużym stopniu rozpraszać uwagę pracownika. Ponadto, nie każdy lubi być obserwowany, dlatego praca obok innych może ograniczyć kreatywność i pojawianie się nowych pomysłów.

Jak Państwo mogą zauważyć obie z form wykonywanej pracy niosą za sobą zarówno wady jak i zalety. Do pracodawcy należy zapoznanie się z nimi i podjęcie decyzji jaką formę chcą wprowadzić.

Rezultaty, nie godziny

Porady dla pracodawcy.

Każda z firm musi ustalić godziny pracy swojej firmy i jest to naturalny i konieczny wymóg. Dla wielu pracowników codzienne wstawanie i spędzanie kilku godzin w biurze może powodować, że po czasie będą znudzeni i znacznie spowalnią swoją pracę. Przyczynia się to do znacznego osłabienia wyników i pojawiania się nowych pomysłów.  Co więc zrobić aby skupić uwagę swoich pracowników na poprawieniu wyników zamiast na godzinach, które muszą wypracować? W tym artykule opiszemy niezawodne działania, które na pewno wpłyną na poprawę efektywności pracy.

Przede wszystkim należy umiejętnie zaplanować wymiar pracy i przydzielić zadania zgodnie z doświadczeniem pracownika. Najważniejsze i skomplikowane zadania przekazujmy osobom z długim stażem aby mieć pewność, że będą w stanie terminowo je zrealizować. Nie możemy obarczyć nowych pracowników z nieodpowiednim wykwalifikowaniem skomplikowanymi zadaniami, ponieważ może to grozić nieumiejętnym zrealizowaniem pracy. Wiąże się to z niezadowoleniem klienta i koniecznością poprawy, która niepotrzebnie zabierze czas innego pracownika.

Pracodawca nie może również obarczać zbyt dużą ilością zadań poszczególnych pracowników. Ogrom pracy i presja czasu będą powodować, że pracownik będzie chciał wszystkie zlecenia ukończyć terminowo i nie przyłoży należytej uwagi i staranności do zrealizowania zadania. Wydzielanie zadań jedno po drugim pozwoli na swobodne zastanowienie się nad konkretnym problemem i znalezienie najlepszego rozwiązania.

W celu zmotywowania pracowników możemy wdrożyć wiele środków motywacyjnych, które na pewno zwrócą uwagę pracownika na poprawienie swojej efektywności i zapomnienie o żmudnych godzinach pracy. Najlepszym, a zarazem najdroższym środkiem jest wprowadzenie premii oraz możliwość awansu. Pracownicy, którzy pragną rozwijać swoją karierę na pewno skorzystają z takiej szansy i swoimi działaniami będą dążyć do uzyskania korzyści. Dla pracodawcy takie rozwiązanie wiąże się oczywiście z kosztami ale również pozwala prężniej rozwijać firmę i pozyskiwać nowych klientów.

Porady dla pracownika

Wiele osób, a szczególnie młodych pracowników dąży do jak najszybszego rozwoju. W tej części artykułu chcemy przekazać wskazówki jak w znacznym stopniu poprawić swoją efektywność.

Jeśli mamy już zlecone zadania należy przede wszystkim zadbać o dobrą organizację pracy. W tym celu należy odpowiednio rozplanować i określić czas potrzebny na zrealizowanie danego zadania. Należy również pamiętać o zachowaniu należytej czystości w miejscu pracy. Sterty pomieszanych dokumentów znajdujące się na biurku na pewno nie ułatwią nam szybkiej realizacji.

Kolejnym ważnym krokiem jest określenie priorytetów. Pracodawca musi poinformować nas o czasie realizacji. Skupmy się w pierwszej kolejności na najważniejszych zadaniach, a odstawmy te, które mogą jeszcze poczekać.

Bardzo ważnym aspektem jest odpoczynek i dobre nastawienie do wykonywanej pracy. Pamiętajmy aby zawsze być wypoczętym, bo wpłynie to na jakość i ilość proponowanych przez nas pomysłów.

Pamiętajmy aby nie nastawiać się negatywnie do sztywnych godzin, które musimy wypracować, a na zadaniach jakie mamy zrealizować. Takie nastawienie w znacznym stopniu przyczyni się do poprawienia naszych wyników i uzyskania  możliwych korzyści.